Beginning PR sequence

17 Jun

This summer I officially began my Public Relations sequence.

After passing the dreaded EDT test that I had put off for so long, I am now able to take classes that are related to my PR major.

This summer the courses I am I am taking are Principles of Public Relations and Beginning Reporting. Some of my classmates may think that the PR class is boring but I on the other hand find it fascinating. I am learning all about what PR actually is and if someone were to ask me what PR is all about, I feel confident that I could answer and explain it to them. Beginning Reporting; however, is slightly stressful. It’s not that I think writing for the news is hard. It’s just that the way the class is taught feels similar to teaching someone who doesn’t know how to swim by throwing them into the deep end and telling them to stay afloat. Ok…maybe that is somewhat of an exaggeration. What I’m saying is that I wish we had more direction in our lecture sessions.

My plan for the summer, and for the rest of my time spent at USF, is to network more with other PR students and find an internship. Getting to know other students will be easier seeing as many of us are taking the same classes and I am so excited to begin my senior semester at USF.


One Response to “Beginning PR sequence”

  1. Kelli Burns July 7, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

    Thanks for sticking up for my principles class! Yes, the content is a little boring, so that’s why I add in current events for discussion and have you do projects like this one.

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