Time Management

7 Jul

A former friend on mine asked me why I don’t blog on myspace. I suppose the answer is that I like to keep my thoughts private. I have constructed this wall around me and am not willing to let anyone in on such a personal level. Now, However, I have decided to blog about my academics and my PR career.

But on a personal note, I don’t feel that I owe an explanation of this to anyone. I would hope that everyone has an understanding that everybody has a responsibility in their own life, to do what is best for oneself, and not take it personally!

I find, however, that people do not.

I am annoyed when I receive the third degree, and people constantly try to make me feel guilty and acting as if I am blowing them off or have better things to do if I am unavailable.

The most important priority in my life right now is finishing school. Focusing on school work takes up so much time. Especially since I strive for excellence, I really do get upset over a B’ when I know I have the potential of making an A’. Taking 12 hours plus working at the same time is difficult. Even trying to figure out how to manage my time takes up time

Living in Odessa now has not made things easier. It takes 45 min. or more to drive to Clearwater, depending on traffic. We all know that with gas prices and the time it takes up for a one way trip, it’s not time efficient or cheap to drop by to say hello for a short visit. Don’t think that I do not miss being so close to everyone and everything. I do, but understand that, distance has its advantages. I have always loved being around anyone who I got along with, not wanting to spend much time alone. Living such a distance from the majority of my friends forces me to spend more time alone, which is a good thing and I am embracing it. I read more, write more, save more and learn more. It’s a change and difficult to get used to, however, it’s a positive change, with benefits that will enrich my life and reach my goals.

I have met some interesting new friends and wish I had a chance to know them better. Time builds friendship. I am unfortunate because I love meeting people but barely have time to spend with the old.

I do miss hanging out with everyone, but I am constantly thinking about time. Time that I feel I have wasted in the past, the time that has been going on so fast and a “time” I thought I would be in, but have not reached. This is MY time and I hope that everyone can understand that.

I am no longer going to spend time with friends who bring me down and who are users. That kind of friendship is a true waste of time. I believe that you are what you eat; you are who you associate with. Anybody with a negative influence with my feelings or in my life is OUT.

I hope that I do not sound extremely defensive. I love my friends and miss them. I enjoy seeing what they are up to by reading status updates. I hope they understand that I am not blowing them off, but just keeping focused on my priorities. I hope they will not take it personally.

It is not that I do not WANT to have dinner, go to the beach, or a game. I do! I am simply limited for time and priorities come first.

I hope you understand me!


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