Social Media in PR

2 Sep

Social media has exploded and transformed our everyday lives throughout this decade. The main goal in public relations is to create a positive relationship between an organization and their publics and social media has made this easier.

In the past, communication to publics was sent out one way, company or organization to consumer or journalist. Today; however, through the use of social media, PR is enhanced because it permits two-way communication. Through the various social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs, companies now have the ability to see what their publics are saying about them. With the ability of receiving feedback from their publics, they can modify the content and messages they are sending. Also, social media has enabled organizations and companies to make themselves more visible online and to find and reach their targeted publics.

An excellent example of two-way communication and how effective it can be is seen from the success of the Old Spice campaign. The campaign encouraged people to ask questions through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, and then selected questions were answered in a comical manner through YouTube by the aesthetic looking Old Spice spokesman, Isaiah Mustafa. The campaign generated 35 million video views in only seven days!

Social media has become so important in the PR profession that there are agencies that actually focus their PR efforts entirely through the social media medium. For example, Abraham Harrison, LLC, is a PR agency that focuses solely on PR through social media. They use digital PR and are on-line experts that work exclusively in the social media world. The official blog of the company is titled Marketing Conversations and you can find information about their views on marketing, PR, social media practices and advertising. Chris Abraham, partner of Abraham&Harrison , LLC, was actually included in the PRWeb blog as one of the 25 essential PR bloggers you should be reading


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