Should PR Students Read Blogs?

9 Sep

It was not until I began my PR sequence over the past summer that I realized how important blogging is in the PR profession. I was aware that blogs existed but until my Principles of Public Relations class, I never really had much interest in them and was unaware of the value they can have to me as a student and in my future professional career.

Keeping a blog and reading blogs is an excellent way of sharing information and ideas from one PR professional or PR student to another. Personally, as a student, blogs have benefited me by allowing me to hear what other PR students are saying about topics that are of interest to me.

See, before I began Principles of Public Relations, I did not know a single student on campus that was majoring in PR. I didn’t have anyone to connect with and talk to about the professional topics and questions I was interested in. For example, what is interning like at an agency and how is it different from a corporation? Or advice on attending networking events, the do’s and the don’ts. Sure, I could have obtained advice and information from other sources, such as the career center or from my professors; however, I wanted to talk about those issues with other PR students and see what they had to say from their perspectives. Well, I have found them and here are three of my favorite blogs from other students like myself.

1. For the Love of PR
Is a blog by Ashley Funderburk, a senior PR student at Western Carolina University. She blogs about her internship experiences and her involvement in her university’s PRSSA chapter. I do not personally know Ashley, but have had the opportunity to converse with her through Twitter conversations such as #prstudchat.
2. Sydney: Unfiltered
Sydney Owen is a graduate of the University of South Florida and blogs about her experiences as a new PR professional.
3. Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson is a current senior PR student at the University of South Florida and who I have had the pleasure to meet with. We were shown his blog in class and I went ahead and introduced myself to him through Twitter and we then decided to meet to discuss various PR issues in person. It was nice being able to talk with someone who was ahead in me in my PR sequence and he was able to give me some really good advice


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