E-Mail Tips

16 Sep

1. Check Your Spelling, Especially Names
My first name can be spelled many ways. The most common way is the ‘m’ before the ‘i’ as in Jamie. You can also spell it Jaimee or Jayme. Mine; however, is spelled with the ‘i’ before the ‘m’ it’s Jaime. One of the first rules we learn in writing for the mass media is the importance of spelling names correctly. In fact, the spelling of names should be checked and double checked again especially if you are spelling a name that can have many different spellings. It is so aggravating to me when people spell my name wrong in e-mails and don’t take the time to check it to make sure it’s correct. It looks unprofessional and really irritates me when fellow students, professors and advisors spell it wrong.

2. If Your Busy, Say So
If someone sends me an e-mail and I don’t have the time to fully respond to them, I will let them know that I got their e-mail and will be getting back to them as soon as I can. Professors and students are extremely busy; especially before exams when e-mail boxes are flooded with questions. I really appreciate it when I get an e-mail letting me know that they have received it and will be getting back to me if they don’t have the time to fully respond at that moment. That way I know that I am not being ignored or that there was not a technical problem and my e-mail was never received.

3. Be Polite
Use manners when communicating through e-mail as you would in face-to face conversation. Please and thank you go along way.

4. Be Organized
I am not the best at following my own advice because yesterday I deleted over 2,000 e-mails from my student account. That’s probably an entire semester’s amount of e-mail. Don’t be like me and save yourself the headache by keeping your e-mail organized. By being organized you can easily find what you’re looking for and you’re less likely to overlook an important message. If you have more than one or a couple of e-mail accounts, consolidating them is also helpful. However, I like to keep my school e-mail separate from my personal e-mail since I don’t want my USF e-mail flooded with spam. So be careful what e-mail address you are using when giving out information.

I researched some more tips on how keep my e-mail organized because I obviously need them considering the massive amount of messages I just deleted, and found some good ones at e.how.com. The site mentions setting up filters which will automatically put your incoming mail into folders that you have created and you can also simplify your messages and keep your conversations together by threading.

I also found an extensive list here, which covers tips on sending e-mail, formatting, attachments, subject lines, forwarding, privacy and copyright and tips on writing and responding to message boards, blogs and forums.


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