Social Networking for Public Relations

23 Nov

In my public relations classes this semester we are exploring the social networking platforms and discussing how powerful and beneficial it is to public relations, advertising and marketing.

I think that by now almost everyone is familiar with Facebook and MySpace, and if they do not have an account with them, they at least know about its presence and know how it functions and what it’s about. I joined the Facebook community in 2006 and at that time I never would have thought that I would connect with the people I have. I have managed to find old classmates that I have not spoken with in years and whom I never thought I would speak with again.

Being the huge fan of Facebook that I am, I recently decided last summer to check out some other social networking platforms that I am unfamiliar with, but recommended by my professor as worthy of joining. The first being Twitter.

After creating my Twitter account and connecting with a few of my classmates, who are also new to Twitter, I am still figuring out the major differences between Twitter and Facebook. At first, I thought of Twitter as just a way to update what you are doing at any given time, but now I see it as a tool to communicate professionally. At a professional level, Twitter allows me to follow influential people, people who are “tweeting” about topics that are of interest and relevant to my chosen profession, public relations. I am now following: The University of South Florida, USF_PRSSA, PRSSANC, along with other students I have found that are also majoring in public relations and organizations/companies I am interested in.

Twitter and Facebook are also great platforms for companies to use to reach their various publics to keep them updated about current happenings. For example, a favorite restaurant of mine, Outback, tweets and posts on Facebook their current specials and upcoming Outback sponsored events.

LinkedIn is also a great platform for networking, not just for professionals in public relations, but for professionals across the board. It allows you to stay connected with friends, old classmates, co-works and even individuals you may not know but work within the same profession. It’s great for exchanging ideas amongst other professionals and can help you score a job. There are so many other benefits of using LinkedIn which you can find here.

If you are not using these platforms yet, you need to! The more I learn about public relations, the more I realize that these platforms are essential for success. Find out what Twitter and Facebook can do for you and your company or business by checking out the Journalistics blog or the Kronik Media blog.


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