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Audio in PR

24 Nov

How cool are podcasts?

Very cool! Podcast are basically audio files that are delivered via RSS feed. All you have to do is subscribe to them. Podcasts can be in the form of talk shows, educational training and tutorials, comedy clips, debates and even foreign language tutorials. They give the subscriber the choice of what they want to listen to or whatever interests them.

My number one reason I think that podcast are so cool is because you can listen to them wherever you want by downloading them to your mp3 player, on smartphones with programs such as Pocket Tunes and Real Player for Palms. How cool is it to listen to your favorite news program or educational program of your choice in your car on your way to work. What a great way to manage your time while sitting at a standstill during traffic.

Of course, you can also listen to them whenever you want on your computer at home by downloading them to programs such as Winamp, Windows Media Player and iTunes.

My favorite podcast that keeps me updated and reminded of the rules in grammar is Grammar Girl, she posts weekly on topics such as sentence fragments, verb tenses and pronoun usage. I recommend anyone who has to write frequently, which I do being a public relations student, to listen in.

Blogs are a great medium to reach a PR professionals public’s and using podcasts is just as beneficial if not more so. Podcast are on the rise and I think that in the future there will be more podcasts than blogs so it is my recommendation to learn how to listen to and create them.

Find out the many different interesting categories of podcasts in this podcast directory and information on all you need to know about podcasting in this podcasting resource.


Social Networking for Public Relations

23 Nov

In my public relations classes this semester we are exploring the social networking platforms and discussing how powerful and beneficial it is to public relations, advertising and marketing.

I think that by now almost everyone is familiar with Facebook and MySpace, and if they do not have an account with them, they at least know about its presence and know how it functions and what it’s about. I joined the Facebook community in 2006 and at that time I never would have thought that I would connect with the people I have. I have managed to find old classmates that I have not spoken with in years and whom I never thought I would speak with again.

Being the huge fan of Facebook that I am, I recently decided last summer to check out some other social networking platforms that I am unfamiliar with, but recommended by my professor as worthy of joining. The first being Twitter.

After creating my Twitter account and connecting with a few of my classmates, who are also new to Twitter, I am still figuring out the major differences between Twitter and Facebook. At first, I thought of Twitter as just a way to update what you are doing at any given time, but now I see it as a tool to communicate professionally. At a professional level, Twitter allows me to follow influential people, people who are “tweeting” about topics that are of interest and relevant to my chosen profession, public relations. I am now following: The University of South Florida, USF_PRSSA, PRSSANC, along with other students I have found that are also majoring in public relations and organizations/companies I am interested in.

Twitter and Facebook are also great platforms for companies to use to reach their various publics to keep them updated about current happenings. For example, a favorite restaurant of mine, Outback, tweets and posts on Facebook their current specials and upcoming Outback sponsored events.

LinkedIn is also a great platform for networking, not just for professionals in public relations, but for professionals across the board. It allows you to stay connected with friends, old classmates, co-works and even individuals you may not know but work within the same profession. It’s great for exchanging ideas amongst other professionals and can help you score a job. There are so many other benefits of using LinkedIn which you can find here.

If you are not using these platforms yet, you need to! The more I learn about public relations, the more I realize that these platforms are essential for success. Find out what Twitter and Facebook can do for you and your company or business by checking out the Journalistics blog or the Kronik Media blog.

Social Media in PR

2 Sep

Social media has exploded and transformed our everyday lives throughout this decade. The main goal in public relations is to create a positive relationship between an organization and their publics and social media has made this easier.

In the past, communication to publics was sent out one way, company or organization to consumer or journalist. Today; however, through the use of social media, PR is enhanced because it permits two-way communication. Through the various social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs, companies now have the ability to see what their publics are saying about them. With the ability of receiving feedback from their publics, they can modify the content and messages they are sending. Also, social media has enabled organizations and companies to make themselves more visible online and to find and reach their targeted publics.

An excellent example of two-way communication and how effective it can be is seen from the success of the Old Spice campaign. The campaign encouraged people to ask questions through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, and then selected questions were answered in a comical manner through YouTube by the aesthetic looking Old Spice spokesman, Isaiah Mustafa. The campaign generated 35 million video views in only seven days!

Social media has become so important in the PR profession that there are agencies that actually focus their PR efforts entirely through the social media medium. For example, Abraham Harrison, LLC, is a PR agency that focuses solely on PR through social media. They use digital PR and are on-line experts that work exclusively in the social media world. The official blog of the company is titled Marketing Conversations and you can find information about their views on marketing, PR, social media practices and advertising. Chris Abraham, partner of Abraham&Harrison , LLC, was actually included in the PRWeb blog as one of the 25 essential PR bloggers you should be reading

Beginning PR sequence

17 Jun

This summer I officially began my Public Relations sequence.

After passing the dreaded EDT test that I had put off for so long, I am now able to take classes that are related to my PR major.

This summer the courses I am I am taking are Principles of Public Relations and Beginning Reporting. Some of my classmates may think that the PR class is boring but I on the other hand find it fascinating. I am learning all about what PR actually is and if someone were to ask me what PR is all about, I feel confident that I could answer and explain it to them. Beginning Reporting; however, is slightly stressful. It’s not that I think writing for the news is hard. It’s just that the way the class is taught feels similar to teaching someone who doesn’t know how to swim by throwing them into the deep end and telling them to stay afloat. Ok…maybe that is somewhat of an exaggeration. What I’m saying is that I wish we had more direction in our lecture sessions.

My plan for the summer, and for the rest of my time spent at USF, is to network more with other PR students and find an internship. Getting to know other students will be easier seeing as many of us are taking the same classes and I am so excited to begin my senior semester at USF.